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Here at Klassy our workmanship is unsurpassed. Our installation techniques are the best in the industry.  Film for each window is individually hand-cut and trimmed to ensure a perfect fit with no light gaps.  We guarantee you complete satisfaction as there is not a better installer or product out there. 

We stand behind our quality of craftsmanship 100% and each and every vehicle that leaves our doors is backed with a lifetime warranty on installation.

Our expert staff is always available to answer any questions and supply you with honest and specific information you need in order to supply you with the product and service that best fits your needs. When you choose Klassy, you are choosing the industry’s best professionals and offering the best products and services.

Automotive window tinting has many benefits. It can change the look of your car, protect the interior from UV rays, keep you cooler in the summer and even protect the glass if it were to crack. Our experience in window tinting is unparalleled. We can help you pick the perfect window tint for you.

Some of Klassy's Clients:

Trying to keep energy costs down? Look no further than residential window tinting. It’s an affordable and effective way to reduce energy costs for your home. Not only does it deflect the sun’s rays, it also seals in heat in the winter. But don’t worry, it won’t make your home dark. Natural light still shines through and your windows won’t appear dark. If you’re looking to go green, window tinting is your best first step.

With a combined 20,000 hours of work in both residential and commercial tinting, our technicians have what it takes to make your place of work the best it can be. From adding to the exterior of your building to cooling off your employees inside the office, we’ve got you covered. Not to mention, it’s great for keeping your energy costs down. It’s a win-win all the way around.